Force Sports was founded in 2009 by brothers Greg and Shaw Abrams, with the soul purpose of creating a positive environment that athletes of all ages and ability levels can thrive in their respective sport.  The foundation of this mission was built by having a staff of Trainers and Facility Staff that is second to none, and Force Sports looks forward to continuing this mission at Force Sports Studios at its first location outside of Ohio.  

Greg Abrams



I grew up playing every sport in the front yard, but went on to play High School Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse - so naturally, I'm a big proponent of multi-sport athletes.  I went on to play collegiate soccer at the University of Denver and then did a very short stint playing for the Washington Warthogs of the NPSL (but that is ancient history) 

Currently I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have coached my 3 kids (now all in High School and college) while they were growing up playing youth sports.

Both my brother and I have a passion for athletics and finding top quality trainers to work with every athlete - whether a beginner or a professional player.

Please reach out with any questions. We look forward to our first location in New York!

Shaw Abrams



Like my much older brother said, we grew up as multi-sport athletes playing in our front yard.  I played high school soccer, lacrosse and hockey.


Currently, I have three boys who all play soccer so naturally I have spent a lot of time on the sidelines both coaching and watching them play.


Creating a positive environment for athletes of all abilities to train and play is our passion, and we plan on bringing that to our first location in New York.


Please contact us anytime with questions or comments, and we hope to see you ‘on the pitch’.