Choose from one (or more) of the training options below. All Options will be staffed by our highly qualified trainers who will lead the athletes through Age and Skills Appropriate Skills Level - Speed/Agility, Passing, Shooting, Trapping and Advanced Skills - in a fun, dynamic and positive environment.


Ball Mastery package based sessions will challenge each player to develop sound technical abilities - shooting, passing, dribbling, receiving, & decision making- by providing ample touches on the ball.


Force staff will incorporate a fitness component (ABC'ss-Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed, Strength) to all the activities and players will be challenged in a high energy environment in order to further develop their comfort with the ball. Small sided game play will hone ball mastery skills and ensure a fun and sweaty workout

Soccer Speed, Agility, and Quickness training aims to develop motor abilities, control of body movement, balance, and improves the overall ability of soccer players to perform explosive multi-directional movements constantly required in a game. Furthermore, SAQ training helps to reduce injury and fatigue that negatively impact a player's in-game performance.

The Touch Trainer allows soccer players to take control of the game and develop precision and technique to reach the next level.

The Touch Trainer boosts confidence and pushes the limits of a player's capability with high-quality ball deliveries and limitless game-like training situations.

Through TOCA’s short passing ball movement, players will improve speed, coordination, and training efficiency while the app records training data from the Touch Trainer. 


  • Every soccer player practices but true athletes train!

  • Individual Training + Team Practice = Complete Athlete.

  • Team practice focuses on learning general aspects of training while small group development provides tools to truly improve your game.

  • Improve mental focus & determination: small group training is hard work but can be fun and very rewarding.

  • Safe place to improve creativity in soccer which is critical on the field on play.

  • Balancing time between team training and individual training is essential to the complete the soccer player.



  • Play the whole game with limited substitutions.

  • Can decide the outcome of a game in last few crucial minutes.

  • Significantly helps with first touch.

  • Leads to better communication with your team.

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle through life.

Purchase A Training Package

INTRODUCTORY: Purchase a package and sign up for weekly scheduled training session in your Age Group & Level of Experience.


First Session: FREE

Drop In Session: $50.00

3 Session Package: $130.00

5 Session Package: $210.00

10 Session Package: $400.00

20 Session Package: $725.00

WAIVED *$50 Annual Membership Required


*$50 Annual Membership

All Training Athletes must be an Annual Member before starting at Force Soccer Studios.

Included in your membership:

1. Nike Training Top

2. Goal Club Membership

3. Discounts on Select FSS Programs


Either choose to train 1 on 1 or grab some friends and train in a private group. Schedule a Time and Day that accommodates your schedule.

Private Lessons Starting at $140 per Session.


Please click the link below to email us for pricing, availability & more information.  


These clinics are capped at a Max of 12 Athletes and are held at pre-scheduled times and dates for 10 Weeks each Session.

Ages 2-6: $300 - $350 per 10wk Session

To Register please click the link below & find the Clinic based on your athletes Age & Skill Level.

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